Third-party inspection and verification give the necessary confidence to Clients about the quality of the product as well as documentation. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, safety, compliance, and reliability of products, systems, and processes. We offer transparent and independent TPI services ensuring an objective and expert assessment of products, helping organizations meet their quality and regulatory objectives effectively. Key elements of our services are:

  • Independence
  • Compliance to Codes and Specification
  • Quality Assurance from start
  • FAT & Performance Testing
  • Verification of documentation
  • Certification and Qualification
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Supplier Capability Assessment
  • Compliance Audits
  • Help mitigating the risk
  • Verification of Environmental and Sustainability Claims
  • Traceability and Supply Chain verification
  • Global Reach

Source inspection

We offer source inspection as a proactive quality control approach involving inspecting and evaluating materials, components, sub-assemblies, or finished products at the location where they are produced or supplied, rather than waiting until they reach the end of the production line or assembly process. This approach is valuable for ensuring that quality standards are met, defects are identified early, and product consistency is maintained. We believe that source inspection ultimately leads to supplier development, helping suppliers improve their processes and meet higher quality standards & it is beneficial to organizations seeking a reliable supplier base.

We can be engaged from the beginning of the projects so that we ensure all aspects of quality are captured and the desired results are specified in the POs

Our services are available in various countries incl. India, Middle East, Korea and Europe.

Third party verification Audits

We offer Third-party inspection & verification services by professionally qualified, independent and experienced inspectors, to ensure that products, materials, components, and processes meet specified requirements and specifications. Our inspectors are highly experienced and possess professional qualifications like API, AWS, CSWIP, ASNT etc.

We can be engaged from the beginning of the projects so that we ensure all aspects of quality are captured and the desired results are specified in the POs.

We also offer services for supplier’s audits, pre-qualification audits, second party audits and third-party audits by qualified lead auditors and internal auditors. We also fulfil organizations internal audit requirements by taking up the responsibility to conduct internal audits by deputing our auditors to work on behalf of Quality departments of the organizations.

Our services are available in various countries incl. India, Middle East, Korea and Europe.

NDE Level III services

We offer Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Level III services as our specialized offering by highly qualified individual responsible for overseeing and managing NDT activities as Company appointed NDT Level III, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations, and providing expert guidance on NDT methods and techniques. Key aspects of our NDT Level III services are:

NDT procedures: We develop, review, and approve NDT examination procedures, written practice and personnel qualification procedure, ensuring that they are comprehensive, accurate, and in compliance with applicable standards
NDT personnel Training: We provide necessary training to NDT Level I/II aspirants in order to qualify them as Company NDT Level I /II certified personnel. It contains theoretical classes of 40 / 80 hours & practical demonstrations / on-the-job trainings.
Qualification: We conduct the examinations to qualify the personnel as the NDT Level I/ II personnel on behalf of the Company in line with ASNT TC-1A or ASNT CP-189. It consists of general & specific question papers and practical demonstration examination.
Certification: After successful passing of examination, we certify the NDT trainee/Level I/ Level II persons,
Regulatory Compliance: We remain responsible for ensuring that all NDT activities within your organization or projects comply with relevant industry standards, codes, and regulatory requirements (e.g., ASME, ASTM, API, ISO etc.).
Interpretation: Company appointed NDT Level III shall be responsible to interpret NDT results, including the identification of defects, anomalies, and discontinuities, and make recommendations for further action. NDT Level III also assist in resolving complex NDT-related issues, including the investigation of failures and the determination of root causes.
Technical Support: We provide technical support and guidance to NDT technicians, engineers, and other stakeholders involved in inspection projects.
Audit: Appointed NDT Level III professionals conducts audits to ensure that NDT procedures and practices meet quality and safety standards.
Certification of Reports: When required, NDT Level III reviews and certifies NDT inspection reports, ensuring their accuracy and compliance with standards.
Continued Education: NDT Level III keep the company updated with the latest developments in NDT technology, standards, and regulations through ongoing education and training.