In today's fiercely competitive global marketplace, the key to long-term business sustainability lies in achieving excellence in quality, efficiency, and compliance. Securing coveted certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, technical accreditations like ASME, NBBI, API, or product approvals such as S. Aramco 9Com, represents a prestigious accomplishment that not only showcases an organization's capabilities but also underscores its commitment to excellence. Our technical consultancy firm serves as a trusted guide, helping businesses successfully navigate the complex path toward obtaining these certifications, accreditations, and approvals.

ASME certification preparations

ASME Codes are globally recognized, comprehensive sets of standards and guidelines that govern the design, fabrication, inspection, and testing of various mechanical and industrial equipment while keeping the safety as paramount factor. The ASME Code Stamp is a symbol of compliance with industry-recognized standards for the design and fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, and other mechanical equipment. It provides assurance to regulatory authorities, customers, and end-users that the equipment is safe, reliable, and in compliance with applicable codes and regulations. By partnering with consultants like us, organizations can fulfill ASME Code requirements with minimum struggle and with full confidence.

We assist the organizations obtain the ASME accreditations with desired ASME Certification Stamp (U, US, S, PP, UV etc.) in the first go with minimum struggle and with full confidence and maintain the ASME accreditations as they progress in their business journey.

ISO Quality and HSE management systems

ISO management systems offer a holistic approach to improving organizational performance, ensuring compliance, and enhancing customer and stakeholder satisfaction. The benefits of a properly designed and implemented QHSE management system are numerous e.g., improved efficiency, organizational effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and overall improvement in the business performance. Setting up a proper ISO & QHSE management system is a complex but highly beneficial process for the organizations. It provides a framework for achieving quality, environmental, information security, and other objectives.

We assist organizations in setting up proper management systems across the company, principally based on ISO standards & further help them achieving necessary ISO and other certifications. We adopt step by step approach to achieve the desired results:

  • Identify of the appropriate standards relevant to your organization's goals and needs.
  • Ensure full support & commitment of leadership
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis
  • Develop a Project Plan
  • Establish a Cross-Functional Team & appoint MR
  • Define Policies and Objectives
  • Develop & document procedures and flow charts
  • Provide training and improve awareness
  • Implement the systems and procedures
  • Conduct Internal Audits
  • Ensure Corrective Actions are taken on the findings
  • Conduct Management Review
  • Select an accredited certification body to conduct audit and certify the organization.
  • Ensure continual improvements by regular reviews, audits & new initiatives

Product approvals and Saudi Aramco 9Coms

Product approval & Vendor qualification is a critical process for the business to succeed. It involves a series of steps starting with request for registrations, documentation, capacity demonstrations, audits, prototypes, corrections and corrective actions, receiving official authorization from regulatory bodies, &/or customers & then maintaining the qualification through regular supplies of compliant products.

Saudi Aramco's vendor qualification & 9COM approval is essential for suppliers looking to engage in business transactions with Saudi Aramco. This is a certification process that suppliers must go through to provide goods and services to Saudi Aramco listed under 9COM.

Being experienced in the preparation process, we offer our guidance to companies seeking product approvals and 9Com for industrial materials. Engaging an experienced partner like us, who is familiar with Saudi Aramco's procurement processes is advantageous for companies seeking 9COM approval We assist you in following steps during this approval journey.